You Said It, We’re Doing It!

Here at New Bank Health Centre our priority is to Improve Lives.

Through our values of care and curiosity, we’re committed to providing the best possible service to you and your community.

We believe that the best way to make a positive change is for you to have your say!

Back in April, we asked you all to complete a patient survey to help us make things better. We want to thank all 208 of you that took the time to offer your opinions and suggestions.

We received some amazing feedback from the survey, but you also made some points that will help us to break barriers and make things better for all of our patients.

So, what did we learn?

You Said We did/ we’re doing
It was hard to get in touch over the phone We’re looking at our staffing rotas to see if we can have more staff working at the busiest times.
The information about dropping off samples isn’t clear We’ve reminded our reception staff about when we can accept samples from patients, so you get the right information every time.
The telephone greeting is too long We’re now reviewing our telephone message to try and make these shorter.
You weren’t sure on the different types of appointments and how they work We’re going to create some great, easy to read resources about our different appointments, so you know how to get the care you need.
The website is confusing We’re looking at our website to try and make it easier for everyone to use.
It’s hard to get access to your medical records We’re going to set things up so you can view your medical records on-line.
Translators aren’t always available We’ve done a bit more work to understand the problems we’re all having in getting translators.  We’ve now provided a report to Manchester Health and Care Commissioning on what we’ve found so they can take it up with the service provider.
It can be difficult to get your repeat prescriptions We want to do some more work on this to better understand what the problems are and how we can fix them.  We’d like to involve our Patient Participation Group in this work – see below!

Your feedback helps us improve the way we work

We’re always looking to work alongside you, and to make positive changes to the care and services we provide. One of the ways we’d like to gain your insight is through our Patient Participation Group.

Patient Participation Groups are a group of people registered to the surgery, who would meet regularly to share their perspective on what we as a Practice do, and how we do it.

Each meeting will have a set theme for us to discuss and will be held online until it’s safe to all meet in person.

If you would like to join the New Bank Health Centre Patient Participation Group, please visit our Patient Participation Group Registration page.

Let’s make change together.